Investment Strategy

We invest in Seed and Early Stage companies. Especially for Early Stage investments we place value on outstanding management that blazes new trails well off the beaten path. We look for companies that target large markets or growth-driven market environments.

The financing of market leaders is a shared journey involving several stages. It is a journey in which we work with established financial investors, acting as the lead or co-investor. Our typical initial investment is between € 500K and € 2.5M.

What you can do before reaching out to us:

  • Make use of (free) resources and platforms that are available to entrepreneurs to spur on the development of your product, to test and popularize it.

  • Consider our portfolio and track record of investments and let us know, why you think your company should appeal to us.

  • Don’t bring your product to perfection in private. Get feedback from friends and compare notes with other founders on industry events.

If you have a clear plan and wish to realize it in collaboration with us, please send a brief introduction, an executive summary or pitch deck to